About the Book

The Moonshot Effect is a tried and true methodology for achieving breakthrough results in business. Equal parts inspiration and perspiration, The Moonshot Effect will inspire you to think bigger and act more boldly, as well as be your step-by-step guide as you launch your own moonshot.

What's Inside 

The Moonshot Effect steps you through the elements of a successful moonshot, from assembling a high performance team, selling your vision and executing the plan. The book includes 24 leadership and management practices you can adopt immediately to increase the performance of your team and enhance your own leadership profile.

The authors of The Moonshot Effect share stories and advice that will help you create a culture of innovation and risk-taking, incorporating moonshots into the fabric of your organization for lasting impact.

Readers of The Moonshot Effect can go through the book cover to cover or jump from chapter to chapter depending on their interests. Chapter summaries and sidebars make it simple for readers to quickly grasp concepts, brush up on topics or adopt practices.