Speaking & Consulting

Each year, Lisa and Kate work with a limited number of executives and teams who are determined to shoot for the moon.  For people truly interested in transforming their careers, teams or organizations, Lisa and Kate provide a fresh perspective and proven methodology to create real and lasting change.

strategic Consultants

Lisa and Kate offer individual coaching for senior executives focused on getting to the next level or CEOs intent on honing their leadership skills. Partnering with Lisa and Kate helps people clarify their goals, break through obstacles and manage their teams to excellence. No two situations are alike so Lisa and Kate customize each 1:1 engagement to fit the needs and aspirations of the executive. In every case, the strategic advice and honest critique Lisa and Kate provide helps each individual enhance their leadership profile. Executives learn how to navigate difficult situations and conversations, cultivate high performance teams, and keep projects on track for breakthrough results. 

Lisa and Kate act as coaches, holding teams accountable for the commitments they make to themselves and to each other. The Moonshot Effect team provides oversight to help ensure that teams are focused on the highest-impact priorities, are able to work through breakdowns in the process and are on the path to delivering extraordinary results.

Engaging Speakers

Lisa and Kate are dynamic speakers who have given presentations in dozens of countries on six continents. With their speaking engagements, Lisa and Kate bring the power of The Moonshot Effect to associations, businesses, and nonprofits. 

Between the two of them, they have spoken to hundreds of businesses and teams including…