This is a rare book that will change your assumptions about how innovation happens—it will inspire you to work differently.

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In The Moonshot Effect, Lisa Goldman and Kate Purmal reveal a road-tested formula for transforming your business with a moonshot—a game-changing challenge that creates high performance teams, elevates leaders and catapults careers.

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Lisa Goldman Kate Purmal

Lisa Goldman

Kate Purmal

Kate Purmal and Lisa Goldman were launching moonshots in business long before they put a name to it. Early in their careers, both were members of extraordinary teams that accomplished near-miracles through the sheer force of teamwork, determination and dogged execution.

Lisa Goldman is an international management consultant, author, and educator. Known for her keen insights and ability to cut through the noise, Lisa has consulted with top executives at organizations ranging from global powerhouses to emerging startups. For many high performance teams, Lisa is the secret sauce who helps them clarify and achieve their goals.
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Kate Purmal has sat in your seat and knows the challenges CEOs face. She is an accomplished C-level executive who now focuses on bringing out the brilliance in others. With her firm belief that most executives can become visionary leaders, Kate has mastered the art of inspiring executives and teams to accomplish the extraordinary while she holds their feet to the fire.
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Senior executives rely on Lisa & Kate to help them implement the concepts and strategies presented in The Moonshot Effect.

Inviting them to speak to your team or engaging them as strategic consultants will kickstart your efforts to disrupt the status-quo and launch a game-changing moonshot.