On Biking & Business: The Nail in My Tire

The other morning I was riding through Portola Valley when a nail pierced my tire. It was quite impressive. I must have hit the nail at just the right angle for it to enter the tire and exit next to the rim. Realizing this one wasn’t going to be easily fixed with my basic tire repair kit, I called an Uber, and in just over 20 minutes, my hobbled bike and I were at my local Woodside Road bicycle shop.

They know me there. I’ve brought in my 20-plus-year-old road bike for upgrades and repairs several times over the past four months while training for and after my amazing Backroads Travel bike trip in Alaska (read more about that here). Each time we debate whether to spend the money upgrading and repairing my outdated biking technology (like adding a new rear cassette so I have a hill climbing gear), or if it’s time to just bite the bullet and buy a new bike.


Published on by kate purmal.